Thursday, February 14, 2013

Berry71Bleu Love Blop Hop!

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Happy Valentines Day!  
Today is a day all about love . . .   Each of our designers is going to share with you something or someplace they love where they live.  This should be interesting since we have ladies from the USA, Poland, India and Puerto Rico. 
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Here's a little bit about where I live and what I love about it.
I live in a very small rural town in Maryland.  Lots of open space, wildlife and quietness!
I'm only a short car ride of 15 minutes to what I will call civilization, the hustle and bustle of traffic, stores and restaurants.  I'm about a hours drive from our Nation's capitol and will admit that even though I have lived in Maryland all of my life, I've only visited Washington DC a couple of times.
Winter is my favorite season where I live, especially after a snowfall.  I don't like driving in the snow, don't like shoveling the snow,  but love the scenery after freshly fallen snow.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures after a snowfall:
 These pictures were taken by my daughter back in 2010 after we were hit with back to back snow storms.  As of now except for a couple of inches here and there we have not had any major snowfall this winter.
My word for the blog hop is "where" . 

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Thanks for stopping by!
. . . Debbie


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwww! I am loving those photos Debbie!!

Ginger said...

Gorgeous pictures of the snow! I live in Virginia! I also love to see the snow, but hate the cold, shoveling, etc.! Thanks for sharing!

Pia said...

Thanks for sharing pictures. Love bloghop
hugs Pia

Debbie Bakk said...

Debbie- wonderful winter snowfall photos- I bet you got alot of snow last week! I like the fresh fallen snow also- but being a bus driver I dont like to drive in it and I dont have a snow blower- so its nice just a few times during the winter season. Happy Valentines Day!

Buffy Burnside said...

Oh wow It kinda of reminds me of Maine in the winter...I also love it right after the fresh snow it looks so magical....until it melts into mush LOL

MEGHA said...

Wooooo chilling cold , I do not love cold ...but your pics are too good . I have my relatives in US and always heard and saw snow in pics and on discovery .This is so energetic to face such a beautiful snow fall.

MEGHA said...

one more thing to say - i am your new follower.nice hoping and meeting you.

Else-Marie Post said...

Beautiful snow photo's! I am now a follower. ~Else-Marie~

Marilyn said...

Wow Beautiful pictures, Debbie!!! Thanks for the trip!!! Happy Valentines Day! xo

Beatrice Lawson said...

Stunning photos!!! Love snow... before Christmas. After that I am ready for spring, which sadly won't happen in Toronto for another few months!

Elisabeth Sarkis said...

Beautiful photos, I never saw the snow, I see beautiful trees and mountains with snow cobretas! I am already a follower

Norma Gomez said...

Gorgeous photos Debbie, TFS!

Unknown said...

Hi Debbie, lovely to find your blog though the Berry 71Bleu Blog Hop! I loved your photographs, snow is something I have only ever seen once in my life, and that was when I was a very little girl. My dream 'one day' is to see snow fall...
I could do with some now, as we're melting in heat :-)

Unknown said...

Beautiful snow fall pics. I use to live in the north but am quite content to live in the warm south.

Caryn S said...

It looks so lovely but I am not a snow person! I lived in snowy climates as a child (northern Illinois, for one!) and I think I have experienced my share. My husband is from Maryland and would love this though!

Lizzy Hill said...

Hey, Debbie - just joined your blog...may as well, I tend to come by a bit anyways! From hot, sunny Australia today..hi to you & your winter!!!!! LOVELY photos...glad you haven't been hit with that severe weather that's been on the news over here:):)

Nicole Doiron said...

Maryland looks just like New Brunswick, Canada! Lots of snow! :) Thanks for sharing!

Amy Voorthuis said...

Your pictures look a lot like mine lol....(I'm from The Netherlands)I also adore the serenity that comes the fresh fallen snow! I feel so at peace just walking through a blacket of nice white snow....Maryland look so pretty! It's so much fun to see where all of you live....have a wonderful weekend hugs Amy :)


WOW.....look at all the snow! From the hustle n bustle of India to the quiet of Maryland - I am enjoying every moment of the hop :)