Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You Make Me Feel So Special!!

I want to put out a special thanks to Fern and Amy!  Both of these sweet ladies thought of me and passed on blog awards to me.  Fern sent me the Beautiful Blogger Award and Amy sent me the Sunshine Award!  Thanks ladies, I needed this little lift.  I have been going through some personal family issues lately and have been kinda down.  This brightened my face with a smile and also brighten my spirits!  I love my blogger friends!!!

Now for the Beautiful Blogger Award I am suppose to tell  you seven things about myself:
1.  I am a giving person.
2.  I don't ask for much, only love and respect.
3.  I love my kids, they keep my drive going in life.
4.  I love a sun filled day.
5.  I love life's little pleasures, the simple things in life
6.  I am a scrapbook paper addict
7.  I am so ever thankful for what I have, to some it may not be much, but to me it is priceless

Now with both of these awards I am suppose to pass it along to others, but there are too many of you out there in the blogger world.  So I will leave these on my blog and ask that you take them, as we are all deserving of these awards.


Denise said...

You are a beautiful person and deserve a little sunshine in your day!! :)

Monique said...

Hi Debbie, I saw your blog on the cricut MB, love your work. I also left you an award on my blog, come and get it if you have time.

Sandy said...

awwww look how much you are loved ms debbie...monique snuck one in on you too...she is wonderfully creative...you will love her blog....you so deserve all of these awards and I enjoy so much reading a bit about everyone...I think that is what I like most about these...and like you I think everyone deserves one! Congrats!