Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Blog Love And Don't Forget I Have Blog Candy!!!

Gosh it's so nice to come home, check out your blog and find out that a sweet person has left me two blog awards, Ms. Bright Side and the Sweet Blogger Award.
That sweet person being Nanne over at Nanne's Creations.  I first got to know Nanne on the Cricut message board.  She claims that my garden layouts inspired her, but in truth her beautiful, creative layouts have inspired me.  Thanks to you Nanne for thinking of me. There are some rules that go along with the Ms. Bright Side award and they are as follows:
1. Give a top ten list of things that make you happy
2. Give a top five list of trivia about myself
3. Share the award with only 5 people and ask them to do the same
4. Link the blogs you choose and link the blog of the person who gave it to you!!
1.  My family
2.  Looking at all the beautiful creations on other blogs
3.  Since it is officially Spring, working outside in my garden
4.  The weekends!
5.  Days filled with sunshine
6.  The great group of people I work with everyday.  Love them all!
7.  All my online friends I have made 
8.  My fur baby, Zoey.  She may shed like crazy, but she's my baby!
9.  Online shopping
10.All of the little things in life
1.  I am a perfectionist.  Not a good thing!  I always find faults in my layouts.
2.  I am always there for whoever needs me.  If you need the shirt off my back, I would truly give it to you.
3.  I am addicted to French Vanilla Cappuccino and Dove milk chocolate
4.  I have lived in the state of Maryland my whole life
5.  I am a paper addict.  I love Bazzill cardstock and own way to much of it, along with countless numbers of 
     patterned paper
 Now I need to pass this blog award to 5 others..
           1. Irit - Her work is amazing!
           2. Andrea - Gotta love her layouts!
           3. Kim - So creative and a truly wonderful person
           4. Dawn - talk about creativity!!
           5. Tammy - she is the one who encouraged me in the first place to start a blog
:) to all of you!

Don't forget that I have Blog Candy!!!!!  Click Here


Andrea Amu said...

Hey dear, sweet Debbie! Thanks so much for the award! You are too generous :) I must say that YOU are very inspirational to me... I am so glad to have discovered your work! :)

Rainbow said...

Hello Debbie!! congratulations for those Awards!!! Love what you have written!!
Enjoy your day and your well deserved award my friend!!